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Replaces concrete foundations

Thanks to Hapax ROCK, the ecological screw foundation, it's no longer necessary to remove soil and mould slabs or concrete footing in the construction of light buildings on loose soil, lawns, in sloped areas, ..., or in the case of restricted access to the construction site.
Hapax ROCK screw foundation replaces concrete foundations.

Although concrete has already proved its usefulness, its use remains a long and tedious process.

Fast and easy application
Hapax ROCK is the first screw foundation equipped with a cylinder head that is constantly adjustable from 35-250 mm. It consists of three parts: a head with beam support, a nut and a ground screw. Each part is equipped with a screw thread. 
Up to 5 lengths can be installed on the Hapax ROCK to achieve a total height of 112 centimetres above the ground.
It is very easy and ultra-fast to install. Simply drill a hole at a certain place in the ground using a manual or electric screw driver. It only takes a few minutes.
Hapax ROCK is completely removable and recyclable.
Proven technology
The functional principle of screw foundations is based on ground compression. The deeper the screw is plunged into the ground and the more compact the ground, the better the pressure transfer to screw foundations.
The durability of the screw Foundation Hapax ROCK is estimated to be more than 100 years and guarantees a resistance without loss of strength of at least 50 years.
Hapax ROCK is made of a composite material, it is weather-resistant within the range -50 to 90°C and resistant to corrosion. 


Hapax ROCK screw foundation can be extended with up to 5 extensions plus the head for a combined height of 112 cm. Adjustable as following:

- With  1 extension = 32-48 cm
- With  2 extensions = 46-64 cm
- With  3 extensions = 64-80 cm
- With  4 extensions = 80-96 cm
- With  5 extensions = 96-112 cm

Made of a composite material, it is weather-resistant and resistant to corrosion. 

Beams from exotic wood
Minimum section: 45*70 mm
Distance between the beams: 1,20 m
Distance between the supports: 1,50 m

Beams from coniferous or deciduous trees
Minimum section: 63*150 mm
Distance between the beams: 1,50 m
Distance between the supports: 2 m



The Hapax ROCK screw foundation can be easy installed with the Hapax E-driver. This powerful machine has 2000 Nm and turns 10 rings/minute. With the E-driver, you can install the Hapax ROCK foundations in less than 5 minutes!


For manually installing the Hapax ROCK screw foundations.

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