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Discover the professional HAPAX wood screws.

The patented Hapax wood screws are designed by pgb-Europe and produced under the highest quality standards. They owe their popularity to professionals because of the lower screw-in torque and a higher screw-in speed. The special BlueTop coating offers more corrosion resistance than a conventional galvanizing.

Belgian design

Our Hapax screw, like our other Hapax products, was designed in Belgium with and for professionals. In our own screw factory PHC Fasteners, these screws are manufactured according to strict quality processes.

We make your life easier

The universal Hapax wood screw combines years of experience in fasteners and technological progress in 1 screw.

Due to the patented triple thread point, the screw can be used for all wood applications: wood constructions, general joinery, formwork, fittings, furniture manufacturing,...

In short: always the right screw available!

Knipsel vijzen groter.PNG

1.Eye for detail

vijs detail in het engels.jpg


Galvanizing with higher corrosion resistance

The BlueTop coating offers 10 times more corrosion resistance during a neutral salt spray test than with conventional galvanizing. Therefore, the screw is ideal for use in open structures without direct exposure to weather conditions such as carports or pergolas. As a result, the screws meet the requirements of service class II according to Eurocode S.

Environmentally friendly

Bluetop is free from Chrome VI and meets all requirements of REACH / ROHS. this reduces the environmental impact during production and recycling

In short: Designed for life

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3.Color coded system

To keep the merchandising presentation simple and clear, HAPAX works with 3 clear color codes:

Universele schroeven



Constructie schroeven


Terras schroeven



Discover your perfect Hapax screw

Hapax universal wood screw with full thread, hardened and waxed.

Hapax universal wood screw with partial thread, hardened and waxed.

Hapax construction screw with partial thread, hardened and waxed.

Hapax construction screw with partial thread and flange head, hardened and waxed.

Hapax universele houtschroef met voldraa
Hapax universele houtschroef met deeldra
Hapax constructieschroef met deeldraad,
Hapax constructieschroef met deeldraad e
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Artboard 1 copy.png
Artboard 1 copy 3.png
Artboard 1 groter, achtergrond.png
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